Edward J. Delaney

Author, Journalist, Filmmaker, Editor
The Big Impossible, available in bookstores and online
"Such a welcome collection.”  Peter Orner, author of Maggie Brown & Others
"In two novellas and five piercing stories, men face the last 50 years of upheaval in the United States and their own failures to connect."  Shelf Awareness
"Easily ranks among the best fiction I've read this year.”  ―David Abrams, author of Brave Deeds and Fobbit
“The Big Impossible sets high standards for itself, not only in attempting to narrow down identity and Americana, but also the role of shorter fiction at large; and it exceeds even that." ―Chicago Review of Books
"Engrossing and emotionally nuanced; a sturdy and careful set of portraits of men struggling not to be swallowed up by their failures or upbringings.” Kirkus Reviews
 Broken Irish
Warp & Weft
The Drowning


Edward J. Delaney is an award-winning author, journalist, filmmaker, playwright, and educator.

   His books include the novels Broken IrishWarp & Weft and Follow the Sun, and the short-story collections The Drowning and Other Stories and The Big Impossible: Novellas+Stories, 

published in 2019 by Turtle Point Press.

   He was a 2008 National Endowment for the Arts Literary Fellow, winner of the 2005 PEN/Winship Award for Fiction for New England book of the year, winner of the Grand Prize at the 2012 New England Book Fair, and a past winner of an O. Henry Prize for short story writing.

   His work has appeared regularly in The Atlantic and other magazines, and has appeared in Best American Short Stories. He is also the co-author of Born to Play, by Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia.

   Delaney’s play The Umbrella Man premiered at The Pittsburgh Playhouse in 2010 as an Equity Production.

   Delaney is a faculty member at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, where he edits the literary journal Mount Hope.

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“Broken Irish’’ is a satisfying novel steeped in verisimilitude, likely owing to Delaney’s background as a journalist and documentarian. He cares about details and understands their importance to the larger themes of loss, desperation, and betrayed loyalties. His characters are not merely vehicles for ideas, but rather fully realized, familiar people, whose failures are heartbreakingly authentic.

Delaney gracefully guides his rich tapestry, his characters' serpentine circumstances converging toward conclusions that offer little catharsis. There's nary a blue sky in sight in Delaney's world, but readers will be captivated. The author continues to demonstrate great dexterity and storytelling acumen in his lyrical page-turner. 

In 'Follow The Sun,' Delaney tells multiple moving stories in his third character-driven novel, each intricately woven into the fabric of the others. . . . [His] portrayal of his characters' struggles to survive their troubled pasts is heartbreakingly realistic and honest, making the suspense and its eventual resolution all the more meaningful.



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(documentary film, 2010)
Born To Play
by Dustin Pedroia with Edward J. Delaney
(nonfiction, 2009)
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